Friday, February 1, 2008

Life is fragile

Met Teoh Tay Wah while jogging at Permaisuri this morning. She ran to me and told me that her husband passed away on Sunday. I was shocked! She had not informed us as she has lost our numbers and she was a bit lost then. I'm now supposed to relate the message to Siew Cheng. Teoh's husband had been diagnosed with cancer of the liver 5 months ago and at the time, it was advancing at 4th stage. I dared not probe much as she was griefing with tears clouding her eyes. But Teoh was brave about the whole thing. I comforted her as we jogged together and then both of us remained silent. I guess at times like these, words are better left unsaid because it's of little use. Deep inside I really feel so sorry for her and the children.
Later, I told her I'll leave her to jog on her own in case she may have thoughts to ponder over, or she may just want to clear her mind. By jogging on her own, she may want to reminisce memories of her husband or she may want to release her feelings and cry. And she may not want me there.
All these I know because I went through it.
Perhaps when she gets out of it, we will catch up again and chat. I want to give her the book WE ARE THEIR HEAVEN by Allison DuBois. In her book, Allison explores both connection and communication between the living and the dead. It also contains true stories of people who have had their readings with Allison and they share their experiences.
Well, I must say that there are certain contents in it where I do have doubts. But then again, we are always given a choice to believe what we want to believe and there's no right or wrong. Therefore, I still would like to recommend it to anyone who has just lost a loved one. I hope they will find reading this book a comfort.

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