Thursday, November 20, 2008

The ups and downs...

After the rain - I went out for a light jog in the park this morning. My legs were heavy, so was my heart. The past few weeks had been like one roller-coaster ride to me, filled with several ups and downs, hi's and low's...which left me feeling totally fatique and sore mentally, physically and perhaps, spiritually too.

The ups were mainly happening around John's achievement in his Powerman debut and I was just happy and proud to be involved, and be part of all his preparations, excitement, joy and finally his successful completion in this event.

The downs were about this moment, being weak in health and low in spirit. At first, it was a flu which lasted for 2 weeks. Then, I suffered a lower tension inguinal ligament strain and also a mild urinary tract infection. Before I even had time to recover last week, the most terrifying migraine came back to attack me! Heck, it was bad - I threw out thrice and my BP (which had been kept stable for so many months) increased. Allergies to medication didn't help much - sigh! Stress at work is mounting and matters made worse when I know I have this boss that is so manipulative and downright shrewd. I guess my liver and kidneys are begining to hurt because of this. I need inner healing badly.

Despite all this, it is extremely comforting to know that I have friends, and there are people who care. Sometimes out of the blue I received a sms from this young man who called me "beautiful girl" (ahem!!LOL!!). Sometimes he made funny poems for me too. I met him during our Christmas Island trip and I started observing him during the line dancing session because he is special. I hope to write briefly about him later because he has taught me something during that trip.
Then there is good old Ms Moey who still remembers to call John & I for dinner one day despite her hectic schedule.
I was also touched by my bunch of old schoolmates who called me during Reunion Day itself and told me they missed me. So they had the phone placed on the speaker mode so that I could chat with everyone there.
And of course, there is always John - who is always there to lend me his ears and patiently listens to all my "pilipala!!"
Little things such as these made a difference and meant much cos' they made me feel good once again and I will certainly include them into my bag of 'favourite things'.