Thursday, February 28, 2008


I haven't had the slightest idea of what this BreathWorks is all about. I was told that it's breathing exercises related to qi or yoga for we were instructed to bring yoga mat, pillow etc. On that very day (a Sunday),I learned BreathWorks...
BreathWorks is a very gentle yet powerful, rejuvenating form of therapy. It is "Conscious Connected Breathing", a technique of circular, uninteruppted rhythmic breathing where the inhale is connected to the exhale.
Toxins are released and exhaled from the cells. Breath alters the states of awareness; more breath mean more life..more physical and spiritual energy in our bodies.
It unlocks and removes negative, emotional "blocks" in our bodies. We then become more aware of what's happening in our lives, so that the choices we make become conscious to us. BreathWorks session ends in peace, joy and total relaxation.

As it was my first, I do not have any expectations, in fact I was prepared to sleep as we were to lie down on our mats. But I didn't sleep because the process was so mindblowing!! I was breathing as per instruction ie. "INHALE LOVE, EXHALE FEAR" and be very conscious of that breathing. Dehyana kept reminding us to trust the process and never to slumber. After breathing for 15 mins or so, I felt my body began to tightened and became stiff. But the breathing process continued...until not long after that, when Dehyana mentioned, "Think of your mom, think of your dad", I just burst into tears. I don't know why and I guess I have never cried so much in my life ever since my father's demise. This went on for maybe an hour or so (at that moment I was really oblivious of time) but as I gradually calmed down, my body began to relax and I saw something yellow then turned red in front of me. I couldn't figure what it was but the feeling was good. We were then told to sit upright with eyes still closed while remaining very silent.
Later, we were given an opportunity to share our experiences with everyone. Every individual has different experience. Still perplexed as to why everyone cried so much - I was given the explanation that it's because of Love. When we inhale love and exhale fear, we are actually inviting love to fill our hearts. With that love, we are able to let go..which also explains why the body which was initially feeling stiff (because of all the anger and fear bottled inside). Once we let go and let love in, it will return to a very relax state.
The rest of the afternoon were spent sharing and discussion on our assignments given yesterday. For me, it was certainly an eye-opener. I am very thankful to Carina and Lynn Toh for encouraging me to attend this workshop for I know the wisdom I gained here will further enrich my life. Yes, life is just a game but we need to play it well. For when that one Great Scorer comes, He asks not whether we win or lose but how well we played the game.
When I arrived home, I couldn't wait to share my experiences with John. Without a doubt, he seemed to understand and feel happy for me and why not? He is just a relection of me!

When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you see him, you will see yourself. As you treat him, you will treat yourself. As you think of him, you will think of yourself. For in him you will find yourself or lose yourself. Give him his place in the Kingdom and you will have yours.
May I never forget this.


jyotsana said...

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Hi, jyotsana!
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RunWaters said...

Hi fellow BBSGian
Found ur blog when I googled Breathworks. I would like to try. Can u pls send contacts/website to me at YogaPark@gmail