Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The World Is A Reflection Of Me

Looking at my own guilt and forgive it
Guilt always makes us hate ourselves and there is only one way out of this and that is to move through the open door - the heart of forgiveness.
I realized that by refusing to look at the darkness in me, I will continually try to make others feel guilty because I can't accept the fact that I've made some mistakes (acting without love) along the way. Therefore, it's time to accept that I have made mistakes and that mistakes are correctible by perceiving myself with love instead of self hatred. (Later, we were told to do an exercise to take a non judgmental look at our own darkness and instead of indulging in it by making ourselves wrong and bad, we resurrect it through a loving act of forgiveness).
The Law Of Vibration
The law of vibration tells us that if we are angry, tired or feel victimized by life, we will look out and see angry and tired people reflecting these aspects back to us. But if we vibrate it in a forgiving and loving frequency then people around us would reflect back that love to us.
Anything that causes us to feel bad, ashamed, guilty, unloved, resentful, angry or any other emotion that triggers a negative charge is up for healing. And it will not go away until we understand the need to forgive it all and return to love. Then will we attain peace. By looking at our stories and by forgiving the mistakes we've made, we become accountable for our lives and at the same time, willing to forgive those that have hurt us. We let go and move on with an attitude of gratitude.

Wow! That's a mouthful! The afternoon session was heavy and interesting though the topics are for me, I tried my hardest to keep both my eyes and minds opened. Later, I discovered there were many others who silently took their 40 winks too due to waking up too early that morning. We were all given assignments to do for the night.
That night while the rest of my friends went out to Jonkers Street, I stayed back. Being a slow learner, I needed more time to finish the exercises assigned to me. The questionaires required us to think deeply and answer as honestly as possible.
Then we had to list down all the negative things that we see, hear or experience in our lives now because the awareness of these things will give us an idea of what we need to forgive in our own consciousness. This process is being accountable for our lives. If we were to take total responsibility for ourselves then, we can't afford any blind spots. This purpose is to practice the Principles of Forgiveness. To be open and grateful that the universe provides us with the information reflected by every person in our space.
Feeling pensive yet tired, I ended that day with a mind full of profound thoughts and certainly some valuable life's lessons to embrace.

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