Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love is...

Different people have different ways of expressing their affection during Valentine's Day. Many years ago, John and I had decided that we do not need to pay attention to Valentine's day and therefore, we haven't been celebrating like the rest of the world did. Love should be expressed everyday in our lives and not just on Valentines. Personally, I had witnessed a couple (my staff actually) whose husband sent her 99 roses on Valentine's Day but they quarrelled and fought the very next day and hence, she could not report to work for the day. Sigh!
Love should never be taken for granted. It takes a great amount of effort to make a relationship work. As for John and I, we are still working hard to fulfill our marriage vows - reminding ourselves to love one another from time to time, if not everyday. If we know deep in our hearts that we love, trust and appreciate each other - then, there is absolutely no reason for us to spend the extra bucks getting the 99 or 999 roses to please each other or broadcast to the world that we love one another. Make sense?
No romantic candlelight dinner for us. We ate at home and indulged tiramisu from Secret Recipe as our love dessert instead. For me, many times it's being able to spend sometime together that made it feel so good. We also enjoyed watching the finale of The Amazing Race Asia together and I was so thrilled and touched when the Singapore team won cos' I really wanted them to win. They deserved it...and as for Adrian, I'm sure with the experience from this race, his morale and confidence will further be boosted. His disability has not deter him from being a winner. Bravo and well done, guys!
This morning I read in the Sun papers about a David from PJ putting up a message, proposing to his girl friend Kelly to marry him on a giant billboard along the Damansara - Puchong highway which cost him RM40k. I am sure acts of love like this will impress his girl friend. Who would not? Would she accept his proposal? Of course.
Well, different people have different reasons for doing different things. Having learnt one or two lessons of love from ACIM, here are just some of my views of looking at love.
I believe that if love is real..if love is from the heart..if love is understanding..if love is compassion, the RM40k would be more meaningful if it is put to benefit a charitable organization under the couple's name. The message (proposal) will be on the highway billboard for a whole month. For what? I wondered. Gee, I do sound like one big sour grape, ha! But think, and trust me, gimmicks as such will only thrill us for a moment.
These are only my views. Love is...(free for anyone to describe and express).

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