Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Sunday

I believe my sinus is getting from bad to worse. I slept at 1.20am and woke up at 3.15am due to that blocked nose! I just sat and sneezed non-stop with a box of tissue on hand. Even a cup of hot Milo and Himalaya's Cold Relief Balm did not seem to help. It was bad cos I sneezed until my backache and was grateful that I got an early massage from John.
I had no idea what distance I'll be able to go, given a running nose, a backache and lack of sleep. As the majority of the group is running double hills, John and I joined in the pack. The first few kilometres, we were all running at a reasonably slow pace until we reached double hills. John and I decided to attack the hills and thus, left the pack behind. Due to some hill training yesterday, my feet felt stronger and I managed to conquer the hills with ease today. Gradually, my sinus cleared and the running nose almost gone too. Good grief, running seemed to be the remedy for my sinus for the time being.
It's been awhile since we had a 'long-table breakfast'(a description by Wan Yew Leong) at Tong Shin. So, we gathered together and spent sometime there. If you were to ask me about the food there, I can tell you it's no big deal but at times, it's the company that counts and the taukeh there is friendly. He always welcomes us with open arms, eventhough he knew that we will take up a lot of his tables and time.
It always feels so good to be amongst with people you love and you know they'll love you back!
We decided to spend the Sunday afternoon sleeping, watching Tour de Langkawi and blogging before another dinner do tonight.
By the way, I learned from Dr Raymond this morning that maternity fees only cost about RM3k lah. Am I stupid to think it's 10k?

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