Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall..

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
those that trigger you,
reflect you most of all!

The Mirroring session is like waking from a deep sleep and realize that we are choosing our own adventure in this life! Yes, it's exactly like looking into the mirror of our life to see the many reflections of our consciousness staring back at us. Come to think of it, people I met so far today is actually holding up a mirror in order for me to see myself and they are the external feedback of my subconscious mind projected outward. Yes! I learnt that the people in our space actually come forth from within us just as we ordered..They animated our own guilt and they activate negative emotions that we choose to experience in order to gain knowledge. Through every person we either see the love that we are or the guilt of our unloving deeds committed somewhere in time mirrored back to us.
I've learnt that every thought, word and deed is being animated by the people in our space; good and bad. Many times, we try to escape this insanity by running here and there looking for people to treat us better, or to act differently so that we will be happy. But what always ends up happening is that "wherever we go, there we are", because what we run from, runs us! And many times, we are addicted to blame - we keep blaming others when things went wrong etc. Well, until we stop and take an inventory of our lives by examining our own defects of character without judgment we will keep trying to escape..
Law of circle
The process of "Mirroring" began with understanding some key points and one of them is the law of circle. It is important to be aware that all that we think, say or do will return to us fulfilled. The law of circle - what goes out must come back; karma or cause and effect. Whatever seeds we sow, we shall reap. As we think, we create and we manifest it.
Then we need to understand who we are in Truth. We are created in the Image and Likeness of God which is 100% love. Therefore being created by love would mean that we are here to shine our light. But somewhere along the way we fell asleep to the purpose of our being...we go on automatic pilot create haphazardly through lots of pain. Then the cause and effect show up. Karma is set up to show us where we stopped loving. Doing things which are not align with nature will cause us to feel the pangs of guilt. Think about how many loveless thoughts we think throughout the day, how many hurtful words we speak, or loveless acts we commit in one day. Every ounce of guilt that we've stacked against ourselves lies beneath the surface of our conscious mind. And without our knowing stored as an ever pulsating energy. This energy is magnetic by nature and it is continually seeking to attract more of itself to itself! Whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, we can find where we are vibrating in consciousness. It's just that now we are at the receiving end of what we did somewhere in time.
Since the outer world is a living testimony of an inward condition we are simply witnessing ourselves being animated through the actions of another person. In other words, they are me and they are demonstrating all that I love or hate about myself! I always thought it was the other way round and tend to believe that "they" are the problem, when in fact I am. I am the reason they are there. I am the source of everything that happen in my space. I used to think that things are always happening to me when in fact they are happening because of me.

to be continued...nap attack!

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S.Ghosh said...

very true .My mom use to say me "never do wrong ,never see wrong and never hear wrong.everything in this world is mortal .the only thing that define you is the 'karma' u do" .....

so nice of you to share it ...enriching experience