Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nap Attack!

Think I got stung by a sleeping bug recently. For the past few days, I just fell into the sleeping mode whenever I stayed stationery, be it sitting down to read a book or watching TV.
Something heavy (too embarassed to reveal) fell onto my right feet a couple of days ago - cut the vein and the blood came gushing out. Wow, obviously the feet was swollen and in pain and I was left with no choice but to stay home and rest. Being an active person, this is frustrating but it has taught me to be a bit more patient with myself and with the incident that I can't change.
But I recovered fast and went ahead with my agenda to Melaka on Saturday for the Mirroring Workshop which I am so glad I attended. Again, I am so blessed to have people who are so kind to me. I don't even know them at all...they came to my place, picked me up and six of us shared an apartment together. Oh my God, I am absolutely thankful! To my new friends: Elaine, Serena, Susan, Karen, Peggy, Eunice and of course, Carina...I am so happy that our paths crossed. A BIG THANK YOU to...
Elaine for the transport - Serena for lending me the beautiful white shawl - Susan for giving me the white pants - Peggy for being my room-mate and reminding me that we could've met before in one our life times! - Carina for arranging accomodation - Peggy & Eunice for sharing and encouraging me to walk with them in the light. Then there is Dehyana whom I met for the very first time and she is one word : Amazing! Thank you so much for all your kindness!!!

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