Monday, February 11, 2008

Lo Sang

I count my blessings in having friends!
John and I had some lunch / dinner invitations today...from Ms. Moey, Teresa Goh, Susan and Peony. Unfortunately, we can't be going to so many different places at the same time although we wish to. Eventually we resorted to eating lunch with John's aunt and dinner at my Nay's house.
My nanny's family made their yearly 'customised recipe' of fruit Yee Sang which is a delectable mix of fruits consisting mainly of Fuji apples, China pears, pomelo, carrots and other vegetables of the like. It became our CNY annual signature dish and my favourite cos' it's very easy to eat and healthy. Therefore, this is one food that John and I would look forward to every year. We also had abalone which can be added separately for anyone who is dying for some meat. This abalone that Connie Chan bought from EYS is so expensive (Judy got hers from the market for half the price)!I noticed an ad. in the papers that Overseas Restaurants are serving this same type of Yee Sang this year. We may want to savour to check if it tastes the same as my Ah Nay's later.
Well, my eyes been itching and tearing after a visit to Ikea this evening. I guess it must've been the particles from the furnitures and rugs. I don't know. After the Yee Sang dinner, it got worse; swollen and inflammed. Lo Koh advised me to sip some chlorophyll instead of taking my usual priton (drug). I obeyed and surprisingly, the swell and redness seemed to have subsided.
I've learnt something on chlorophyll today.

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