Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Age

I am currently into reading some New Age books and I find this book : SAME SOUL, MANY BODIES by Dr Brian Weiss extremely interesting and inspirational. In his first book MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS Dr Brian Weiss wrote about regressing his patients into the past. In SAME SOUL, MANY BODIES, he discovered that he could also progress them into the future. He has discovered that our futures are variable - the choices we make now will determine the quality of our life when we return. Indeed, what we do in this life will influence our lives to come as evolve towards immortality.
But the whole idea of this progression therapy is to enable his patients to experience peace and healing. Sometimes in the midst of a regression, a patient could bring back a lesson or 'messages from The Masters'. I would like to share this particular message from the book which I find inspirational to me :
"The earth life is a gift.It is a school to learn how love manifests in physical demensions where bodies and emotions exist. But the school has many playgrounds, and those need to be used. The physical life is meant to be enjoyed. This is the reason you have been given senses. Be good people. Have fun and enjoy yourselves. Enjoy the simple yet abundant pleasures of life while not harming other people or other things, like nature." - Same Soul, Many Bodies pg.29
In one of the chapters, Brian Weiss also shared healing exercises which the reader can also put into practise. I'll like to try 'Dialogue with illnesses' for my sinus later but I need a friend (preferably a doctor, yoga teacher or physician) to guide and help me. If it works, I'll share again.

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S.Ghosh said...

hi,so very true .... i never read this book but now i think i can give it a try . really enriching article .keep in tune .