Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back to work

I promised KC Lai to help her with AK's Valentines promotion at KLCC today.
I almost freaked out when I received smses from the part-timers: one said she couldn't come to work because of period pain and another mentioned that the brother has been admitted to hospital. Being in the industry long enough, I do have some 'insights' to determine between an excuse and a genuine case. Sigh! One more fella promised to work but didn't show up despite numerous calls! In the end, I managed to get hold of an ex-Aramis staff to replace. Phew! Such was the rat race in a retail scene, if not more..
KC and I realized that the promo stocks arrived 2 weeks ago but the girls didn't do the price tagging. Without a second thought, I gave them all a piece of my mind! That's the other side of the Wai Mun everyone should know. Everything was in a mess and we had to fix it in a haste as there was no preparation. Next, the person responsible for the cash register is on leave and in Ipoh. Yet why didn't she say so? No one else knows how to operate that darn thing. In the end, I had to get my Himalaya staff to help while I took over the shop from her. Hey, at least I managed to capture good sales for her! In the midst of all the hassle, there were these groups of people from God-knows-where who crowded at the nicely set-up promo area and had their photographs taken. Aiyoh,it was as if there's the only best view they can ever find in KLCC! And can you imagine...we need the security to get them to vacant the place!
When I related the day's event to John, he reminded me that I am only helping and doing a favour for a friend and there's really no need to be too serious and get all stressed up unnecessarily. I got his message right away. Just that at times, I can get carried away eg. this morning he predicted that once I get to work, I won't have time to eat breakfast - he was right. I've forgotten about breakfast.
The only consolation, if there's any, was the sales for both Himalaya and Accakappa were exceptionally good today despite all the hoohahs! The girls attributed it to my presence there, saying that I brought them 'ong' (luck).
What a nice way of putting it! What a nice way to end my day!

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