Thursday, January 31, 2008


John has left for Bali this afternoon for a conference courtesy of Times magazine. He'll be staying in Hyatt Bali for 5 days while I will have a few days at home all by myself, to contemplate.

John called just now. He just checked in at 11.15pm. Apparently, he headed straight to Dinner as soon as he touched Denpasar ground. Hyatt Bali is in Sanur (east), I forgot to ask him the dinner venue. Anyway, it's not important.

I told him the good news that Himalaya gave me a bonus after all. Just like me, he was surprise but happy. Knowing how stingy my ex-boss Marcel is, I don't expect to get a single cent out of him at all. Looks like I don't know him well enough?

Talking about abundance...
A bat came to our kitchen few days ago and stuck itself near the window pane for 2 days. No matter how I disturbed him, it just refused to leave. Later, I learned that bats are symbols of abundant wealth (not so sure tho').
But the Chinese believe that bats nest only in auspicious places - they have highly developed sensory parts that are able to "smell" out places with auspicious chi (yeah, gimme a five!). Shouldn't chase them away but instead rejoice because their coming heralds good fortune. I am not that superstitious, but do I consider the bonus I received a good fortune? The answer is Yes. And I am absolutely thankful.

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