Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weekend excitements

I woke up this morning, blur and almost forgotten when I slept last night. I recalled coming home after dinner and immediately dropped onto the sofa and slept the sleep of the just. I think I was too exhausted...couldn't let my eyes open a second more. You call this "nap attack"? Although still with a little sinus today, I felt rested as compared to previous days.
Too much excitement over John's awards and trophies, I'm left to solve one problem...where to place them all? I thought I had just got rid of some furnitures to make space. Now it seems we need to get another cupboard to display those trophies (expecting more to come in as well) and there we are, back to square one! If you've visited us, our house is nothing but Ms : medals, magnets and magazines; money as well I hope(dream harder, dreamer!)!

Now we also need a place to fit in Scott (John's new toy) and a trainer. Yup, we would like to welcome Scott Pro CR1 to be part of us. Scott weighs about 16lbs. To me, a bicycle is just a simple invention, yet it serves the rider so much freedom of movement whether racing or otherwise. And it's environmental friendly! Talking about racing, I'm sure Langkawi will be flooded with Ironmen/Ironwomen this weekend. In fact, I was told that some had already made their way there today. Therefore, to all Ironmen and Ironwomen and all my friends who will be embarking on this incredible journey this Saturday, I want to wish you all GOOD LUCK. Remember every second counts. Enjoy the journey. It doesn't matter (maybe it does to some) who will cross the finishing line first. It is knowing that you did your best ever and at the end of the race, be able to lift your head high and say aloud, "Yes! I've made it and it is all worthwhile!" And to quote Alden Yap..."live to tell your story."
Enough excitement going on for Ironman Langkawi and also for John to seriously put his new toy to test (at Gunung Peres), my excitement will be something very different. I'll be travelling to Melaka for a 2days Mirroring Workshop. No, not that I have no mirrors at home! I believe many times, I've forgotten to look at myself! The ability to look at myself before I judge or look at others, is what I hope to achieve and learn from this workshop. So, it is my desire to experience something new from the said workshop and take home with me some valuable lessons to share after that.

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