Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gathering and Giving

Monday morning saw me running some errands and doing some banking thingy for my current boss, John Tan. Otherwise, I won't get my salary this month!
I've promised my Himalaya girls that I'll buy them lunch today. Since Mdm Thong is a vegetarian and I am a semi vegetarian, everyone agreed to eat at Nanking Court which is in PJ. The food was good and it was so good to see everyone again. It is good to be treated as a friend and be able to sit down for a meal together although I am no longer their manager. It pays to humble ourselves and I keep reminding myself that.
This afternoon, I became their channel to let out their frustrations and as their mentor, I advised them to be patient. We should approach the new year with a positive attitude...too much complaints will create negative chi. The same reason why I chose 31st Dec 2007 to be my last day at Himalaya (giving up my bonus..sob!sob!). I wanted to start anew and I think I did the right thing. But my girls must wait.
My feelings today is very fulfilling. I was glad I've prepared a gift and a card for each and everyone of them, without knowing and expecting to receive anything from them. Guess what? They gave me a crystal bracelet, a little crystal angel and another decorative item in form of dolphin. They meant well. In fact, they have no reason to pamper me anymore (they know I'm not for it) but they assured me that it's totally for remembrance sake. They'd wanted me to have something so that I will remember them. The same reason why I gave them gifts and card. The girls don't earn very much and kind and simple gesture like this touch my heart. How can I not remember them?
Sometime ago, John mentioned he never understands why I keep receiving gifts. I told him I don't know either...maybe it's because I am nice to people, that's all. Or I always thought I was just fortunate. I recalled especially when I first shifted to my other apartment 10 years ago, I did not have to buy much. My colleagues and friends provided me almost everything from the TV, video, fridge to rice-cooker and a hi-fi set! Unbelievable but true. There are still with me in this condo. and of course I still can remember these friends. But I just didn't know why...
Today I understand and even so, after attending ACIM. Dr. Aaron is right when he taught, "Love attracts love. Love will always know where love is. Nature will always give you back what you gave out. What you give, you will receive. Receiving is the same as giving. The more you give (without expectation) the more you receive." When I realized this happening to me, I am thoroughly convinced and I will continue to give and to share...
When I read President Bill Clinton's book GIVING and this month's issue of FORTUNE magazine on The $100 Billion Woman about Melinda Gates, I am so inspired. It talks about Melinda Gates going public about living with Bill Gates, working with another billionaire Warren Buffett and giving away their billions. It also shows where The Gates money goes. Get a copy soon (I'm privileged to get mine early from John),read and be inspired. Give!

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