Monday, January 21, 2008

The Great Eastern 30km Run

Today is race day : 30km for me. Haven't been running or training this long for sometime and didn't even know why I registered for 30km, so please don't ask.
John is smarter, he chose to do 20km. Whatever it is - the choice is ours. We made our own decision to run the distance we want, so we just got to do it and be accountable on the outcome, like it or not or don't race at all.
I decided to take it, when I spotted Raja Sofia running passed me at a fast pace, I'd wanted to signal to her that her pace was too fast. But I held my peace. Raja Sofia is not a novice, she is seasoned enough to strategize her own race - I might insult her by advising her to slow down. Not long after that, I sighted her crawling up the Double Hill and knew she was tired. Slowly but surely, I overtook her and ran my own race at a reasonable pace until I met Ironmen Lee Woon Khau and Azwar before crossing to Hartamas.
These 2 guys had been trainning very hard - what happened? Anything can happen during race day and more so, if it's long distance. It is so important to stay focus, mentally and physically.
At the Petronas water station, I caught up with Khoo Yi Kiat, Vincent Tiong, Kenny Tan and many others. They said, "struggling lah!" But Khoo speed up and disappeared soon after that. I must say it was Dr. Raymond Hee who was running very steadily this race...staying some 70 metres ahead of me all the time. He is also preparing for the Langkawi Ironman next month. I'm sure he is so happy with his performance today after losing to me during Adidas King Of The Road last year.
I thought I will have to take 3hrs to finish this 30km but was pleased with my feat, after learning that I did it in 2hrs 52mins. Without much long distance training this season, what more can I ask for?

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