Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No rest for the wicked

An ex-colleague heard about my "freedom" and won't let me rest. She wanted me to meet her boss who happened to be here from Switzerland. So, she has arranged an impromptu meeting for us at Westin. Honestly, I wasn't prepared and didn't know what to expect. She said just tea and chat only since I'm free! Well, I'm open to options.
The meeting turned out well. Without producing any resume whatsoever, he'd wanted me in for Retail Development (very similar to what I was doing in Himalaya). As I wasn't ready to start working yet, I told him to give me sometime until end of this month. I need time to think before making a decision and to be fair, he would continue to search for any candidate suitable for the post.
The saying "No rest for the wicked" sounds so right for me!

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