Monday, January 7, 2008

Sunday run and such

Ran Hartamas with my buddies Gary, Wah Chai and many others. Guess like us, they were all preparing for the Great Eastern 30km this 20th Jan. On the way back, I left Gary and Wah Chai and caught up with young Ooi, Tang and gang. I followed John's advise and decided to take the Double Hill route which is slightly longer back to Bukit Aman. Overall, it was a good practise run. Breakfast as usual at Tong Shin with fellow runners.
The Sunday afternoon was occupied by a 3hr session of acupuncture by Dr. Loh at Eu Yan Sang. Normally, I skipped lunch and by 3pm or so, my stomach started grumbling. It so happened this time, Dr Loh was about to poke the needle on my stomach. How embarassing! Anyway, both of us tried to hide my embarassment by laughing it loud!!

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