Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reflections and Evaluation

As usual, John and I ushered the new year with an early morning run together with the rest of the Pacestters. We covered the Double Hills (11km) while I added another 4km to Carcosa.
As I reflect...apart from some minor setbacks, I concluded that 2007 to be a kind and fruitful year for me. I had been to a few exciting places, done a few memorable things, met some interesting people, ran a few good races and achieved a few personal best records. I had learned much...I can't ask for more.
Yes, I've learnt valuable lessons from :
- Workshops that I've attended esp. ACIM (although I've only attended 2 sessions)
- Inspirational books which I've read : Secrets, For One More Day, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Who will cry when you die?, Only Love Is Real, Many Lives, Many name a few. They had moved me and somewhat changed the way I look at life.
- Movies eg. What the bleep do we know?, Secrets, The Peaceful Warrior, Inspired by Lance.
- My 3 months of TCM treatment with John Lew was somewhat accidental but eventually became an eye-opener for me. It leads me to explore more deeply into other alternatives and lessons.
- Evaluation from my staff was significant as I'd never realized how much I was appreciated. It just feels so good to know that my efforts to motivate and bond with them had bear fruits. Yes, I did not labour in vain!
Therefore, it pays to be modest. It is important to create that special bonding with people we work with whether they work under us or rank above us. Remember - Life is a circle.
No resolutions for the year for the journey continues and I'm still seeking. There's certainly much to learn...

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