Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Have you ever had a teacher like this?

With the movie Tuesdays with Morrie still fresh in my mind, I'm inspired to share the teacher in my own life with others.
With Ms. Moey in mind, my thoughts are transported back to those precious school days, a time so distant in my life and yet so poignantly meaningful. It was as if I went to school because of her. She mentored me through my toughest times in school and as a teenager. She cared and comforted my family when my dad was so ill and passed away. I was the eldest in the family but I was young and lost, so I looked up to her as an older sister. She brought out the best of me and taught me principles of life...to bear the yoke in youth with steadfastness and careful truth...to take delight in simple things...to grow and take my place as loyal woman in our race.
I wasn't her best student yet she made me feel significant. Occasionally, she would send me home from school or otherwise, I had to walk all the way from Bukit Bintang to Pudu with my bagful of books. At times, I got invited to stay with her and ate with her family. I was flabbergasted!
While most students feared their teachers which they often did, I looked up to Ms. Moey as my mentor, role model and guardian even after my school days. She would rejoice with me each time I made progress in my career or did well in a project. We became friends and now, she's also a dear friend of John. Even now, we get invited to her house for lunch or dinner every Christmas or New Year.
The saying, "They may forget what you said, but they will not forget how you made them feel." is so true. I will not forget an incident when I overworked myself and was taken so ill. Ms Moey drove me home, packed my clothes and took me to her home to stay. The next morning, she took me to the doctor before rushing off to school. At the clinic, I learned a lesson from her too. She asked many questions and the name of every drug/medicine that were prescribed to me. As this was something new to me that time, I learned to do the same each time I visit the doctor now. I rested at Ms Moey's house for a few days and promised myself that I will never forget this episode in my life.
Ms. Moey has indeed touched my life in so many ways. From her, I learnt all about love, kindness, integrity, compassion, modesty, to serve and not to be served irregardless of rank and title.
Ms. Moey, I always count my blessings in meeting you. May the kindness that you shower on me return to you a hundred fold!! The word "Thank you" seem so inadequate. I could only think of repaying you by planting a bit of your seeds of kindness wherever I go, for indeed you have created that infinite influence in just one lifetime.

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