Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Old must die for new to live in.

Today is the last day of 2007, also my last day with Himalaya.
I recalled the day I tendered my resignation - I shocked the world (including my husband)! News broke and flew all over...phone calls kept coming in, eager to know but 'kehpo' is more likely. Most of friends rejoiced and congratulated me for making such a brave move. Brave or not, I'm not sure but I am sure I needed a break and a well-deserved rest.
As I reflect, the herbal healthcare industry was never a subject in my itinerary although I'd always wanted to attempt doing something close to nature. Of course, the first thing that attracted me was the tagline RESEARCHING NATURE, ENRICHING LIFE. How appropriate...Yes, that's for me! And I had never regretted my decision to join the Company. I was glad to be given the opportunity to learn and excel in a field that was completely foreign to me at that time. Now after 3 years or so, I had learn to put my trust and faith in the products. The R & D of Himalaya in India is very strong, and even if some of the products didn't work out for me - it has worked for millions of customers out there. I know because I heard their testimonies.
Being in the healthcare industry has also helped me become more conscious of my own health. I was open and ready to learn new things. I took the initiative to read and explore....from ayurveda to TCM or natural therapy and the like. It was good learning - I discovered that what work well with some may not work for others as our bodies function differently, and especially mine!
Right from day one - I was so sure that I belong to the retail industry. I love the rat-race, the retailtainment...it keeps evolving. At least it has kept me in the loop and on my toes.
Then why quit? It is not on impulse as some thought. Perhaps my priorities today are different than 10 years ago. It is not just about setting goals, achieving targets and earning great bucks anymore (although money still matters). It is about serving with good intent. It is what makes me go home; someimes exhausted, sometimes elated, most times stressed but everyday, I know I can't go wrong in my principles, and every night, I know I can do better the next day. If there's a blockage somewhere that prevent me from performing or go on further - I'll move.
From my observation, the younger generation today are certainly more ambitious, bold and focus. Yet very few serve with good intent from the heart, not many serve with intent to help others. Maybe they just don't know how to. Everyone is for himself / herself.
If there's one thing my parents did right was that they had chosen the right school for me and my sisters. For it was in BBGS that I was taught the 'principles of life' by Ms. Moey and Ms. Cooke. We were all taught to live by the motto NISI DOMINUS FRUSTRA meaning "Without God (love), all is in vain". I guess as a child, it is so important to believe that there's Someone somewhere on higher ground to guide us and lead us to the right path.
Later, I counted myself to be extremely fortunate to have chosen the right company where I made a career - a good career out of it. I had never regretted working my butts off. I had never regretted making sacrifices. Everyday was a challenge and I enjoyed it, for I discovered that it was after every challenge that I came up stronger. I experienced incredible growth and made tremendous progress. I had little time to rest. Soon, I learnt that with the stress and pressure came the rewards. Isn't this normal? Life is no windfall - we need to work at it. For me, I had to work doubly hard as I have no papers to back me up! (Glad I don't need them now). A company with the vision BRINGING THE BEST TO EVERYONE WE TOUCH, my late managing director had shown me what it meant to serve with good intent of the heart - to be compassionate. And although I learned very slowly then - I haven't forgotten and made it part of me now.
Now, as I'm coming to the end and final chapter with Himalaya, I know I still have much to improve and learn but I can claim to go on each day with good intent, be it at home or elsewhere.

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