Monday, March 17, 2008

Yesterday and today...

It's been 2 weeks since I resumed work and I've already had 3 migraine attacks and a BP of 140/96...I'm not sure what went wrong but I have tried my level best to take things easy and stay calm. Right now, I'm down with flu. It started yesterday. Took Aerius which didn't help, so I changed to Zyrtec instead. Guess what? My right eyes became swollen. I didn't know that one can even get allergy to anti-histamines. Now I know.

This morning, rain or shine, sick or not, I told myself I need to run Hartamas cos' I've not been running or training as much as I'm supposed to for KLIM. This will be my last practise run before KLIM as I will be going for a retreat next week. My god, took me almost two and half hours to reach Hartamas and back! I was so slow and obviously the body was telling me that she was not really up to it but I was obstinate enough to just push it through. Now I'm paying the price...ha, I'm having fever, running nose, headache and an allergy showing on the eye.

Makes me wonder if it's a good time to get back to work?? Well, I shall observe.

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