Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The holidays are over!

Yes, holidays are over! I can't believe that I'm going back to work again. However, unlike previous times, the excitement of going to work has somewhat faded this time.
John still insists that I should give it (working) another thought. "Are you sure you wanna go back to work?" he asked me a few times over. Well, perhaps it's because he is pleased with my progress so far. My progress as in personal development? Maybe.
He complimented me; that I am calmer and more in control of my own self now. Indeed I am so well-behaved that my BP seemed to have stabilized too. I have learned to slow down and to be more patient with myself and others. Obviously, there were less 'work-related' phone calls to disturb or stress me. I could breathe better and laugh out loud more often. Ha!Ha!
So here are some the pros and cons of working and not working:

Working is good for me because...
- It keeps me occupy and my brain won't get rotten easily.
- It keeps me on my toes. I always feel I am in touch with the world and therefore, I won't feel left behind.
- I'm in touch with people all the time. Getting to meet new friends and knowing that I will never be lonely.
- Projects to look forward to, goals to achieve and a sense of achievement whenever a challenge is being overcome.
- The security of receiving a monthly income. I don't have to worry about the price of petrol increase, parking at KLCC or dinning at Dome.
- Being exposed to lot more opportunities to learn and grow.

Working is no good for me because...
- It upsets my hormones and increases my blood pressure especially when I'm under tremendous stress.
- I'm always in a rush and being bogged down with heavy workload almost all the time.
- Having numerous phone calls anytime of the day.
- Migraine attacks several times a month.
- Not having enough rest or time to think properly.

I'm already very tired now - to be continued...yawn!

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S.Ghosh said...

all the best to you!!! wish you a very good week !!