Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Now What?

The last whole week was certainly very happening for almost every Malaysian especially over the weekend. The election fever could be felt everywhere...at the coffee shops, wedding dinners, market place, Lake Gardens and even the corridors of our apartment. Everyone I know seemed to be blabbering, discussing political matters and trying to convince one another the parties they choose to vote!
I'm not into politics and therefore, I'd like to reserve my comments on political issues. Yet very often, I must confess that I found myself eavesdropping with great interest all conversations relating to politics nowadays. Aha, I do not wish to be left out! And for the first time, I visited the many blogs of our politicians and read about their views, comments, debates, oaths etc.etc. so that I'll be kept in the loop! This is what the hokkiens called "kehpo" (Busybody)!
At last and finally, the 12th election has been carried through with a gust of the winds of change. The defeat of some big guns was too overwhelming to believe. Anxiously on that Saturday night, we saw a tsunami of shock defeats and a wave of change that swept across the nation. The heavy casualities amongst the top politicians, handling over coalition its worst performance since ages ago!
Surely, this has marked the dawn of a new era. I was convinced to see some new blood (youths today) rising aggressively...to stand up and fight for what they believe in their hearts to be right. These are the new breed of lesser experienced, young but enthusiastic parlimentarians in the opposition party, whose consensus needs to be agreed to change the constitution.
But again the question - "Will new people do the same old thing?" Sun columnist Nadeswaran brought us to mind scenarios of other government in other countries that came to power and then it got from bad to worse. Voices of dissent were silent; promises were never kept; "they" became more important than the people; business took precedence over govermenance; and "don't question me" attitude prevailed. We do not wish this to happen to us.
As an observer, I strongly feel that after all the campaigning and victories won, it's now time for the "winners" to fulfil their obligations and promises for a safer, cleaner and more peaceful country. It is not about just lip service. It is about walking the talk...correcting what doesn't work and finding new ways to make politics relevant to the young and disenchanted.
To quote a former Bar Council president who wrote; "They must never forget, not even in their sleep, that their much-improved victory is not their victory, but the victory of the people. Thus, they must serve the people with humility and dedication. They should be proud not of their success but of the people who have enabled them to succeed."
Above all, I hope too that, they will serve with good intent of the heart. With this in mind, how wrong can one go?

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S.Ghosh said...

very well said WM . i too think that core meaning i loosened somewhere and its the time when people expect a lot from their leaders...a job of responsibility and dedication ....