Monday, February 14, 2011

Who's my valentine?

Every year cupid's arrow-range expands, and anyone can be my Valentine...from my husband, family, friends and in my case today, fellow hospis volunteers and patients.

Yesterday, at a CNY gathering I wore a T-shirt which has a pink heart design and beautifully embroidered on it are the words HAPPY EVERYDAY! A friend commented that she likes the T-shirt and she should wear it so that she can be happy again (hopefully).
I asked her why isn't she happy? She replied, "It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and I do not have my soul-mate around to celebrate with me anymore!" Her husband passed away suddenly while jogging in the park 2 years ago.

We chatted awhile and I comforted her that Valentine's Day is not only meant to be celebrated amongst lovers or spouses, but anyone dear or someone you care for.

This year, I didn't celebrate with John. Instead, I went out with 5 fellow volunteers from Hospis and we bought lunch for a few patients who had been discharged from our Day Care. We touch based and comforted one another.

At the end of the day, the message is clear : Love is as simple as just having a meal together and continuously caring for one another.

"If we stop looking for somebody to love us, we can immediately turn that around and just start looking for people to love."

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