Thursday, February 3, 2011

The rabbit hops in...

The rabbit hops in today to greet us another new Lunar Year!

This morning, other than Gary, Seah, Chan Wing Kai, Tony, John and I, we were surprised to see a lot more runners gathered at Bukit Aman to do their morning run. There was also Terence and with him were Maybel, Chooi Wan, Dr. Pui San, Dr. Su Mei, Veron, Alexis, Winnie and a few more who are preparing for the coming Hong Kong Marathon.

It is certainly good to know that people are now more conscious of their health and the importance of exercise. A very positive way to begin the new year!

Today is an auspicious day to wish everyone a year brand new.

"Let us look forward to a year of great love, blessings, happiness, improve health and easier finances.

May the challenges that come our way be the ones that will gain us logical insights and realize us into better people.

May all our successes and achievements humble us even more.

May we live with good intention. Practise compassion. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regrets. Appreciate friends. Count our blessings. Continue to learn. Do what we love. And live as if this is all there is."

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