Monday, February 7, 2011

True Forgiveness Day

I woke up this morning and ask for forgiveness.

Anchoring the Light Ministry declares February 7th as “True Forgiveness Day” A day to give the gift of True Forgiveness for absolutely everyone and everything in light of unity consciousness. This is the day to “first remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck that is in your brother’ s eye.” Luke 6:41-42.

After all…I’ve done it…you’ve done it…they’ve done it…in fact we’ve all committed every conceivable crime there is either mentally or physically because energy and matter are one and the same. And like Buddha said over 2,000 years ago “all is Mind”. Think about it…have you ever killed someone with a thought? Have you ever lied to yourself, robbed yourself of happiness or sucked someone’s energy in order for you to feel better about yourself? I bet that if you absolutely told the truth on yourself, you would see that you’ve done it all and that there is no crime that you’re not guilty of, at least potentially in your mind. No point in blaming anyone for anything anymore because the truth is out; what we perceive to be outside of us is simply our many other selves animating our guilt and our loveless thoughts, words and deeds in the external world. But first, know this it all started in your mind!

The truth is - you are the one you hate, the one you love, the one you judge and attack and the one you close your heart to. There can be no one else out there because there is only one – YOU. In fact you are a multi dimensional being acting on the stage of your life wearing many masks, but playing all the parts. Shakespeare was right when he wrote

“All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts”

And now with the celestial speed up taking place in the world, if we want freedom for one and all we must embrace our lost and lonely selves crying out for love through the process of true forgiveness. We have little time to be finger pointing, so please listen with your heart. There is a Divine plan unfolding in the cosmos that has little or nothing to do with what your ego wants and everything to do with bringing your life and this entire planet back into harmony. Forgive yourself, your life, your country, your neighbor and whatever else you need to forgive and declare that the resurrection power lives in you!

Make this day, February 7th come alive with true forgiveness and feel in your heart that everything in this world is breathing along with you. Know that every man women and child is God in you and that every tree, flower and ocean is God in you. Just know that God soars on the wings of an eagle, and sees through the eyes of a whale. Know that God claims you to be his only begotten Son - light and lover of life. Feel in your heart, His hands reach down from heaven and claim you to be his music and his dance, his artist and his creative mind expressing infinitely throughout the universe. And then above all else, realize that your eyes will only see His hand upon all things when you act with true forgiveness. Learn kindness and give the gift of your Highest Self, the part of you that knows only of peace, joy, light, love and compassion.

Declare this day to be your day; a day that you finally throw off the shackles of resentment and through the selfless gift of true forgiveness breathe new life into your soul by seeing the entire world at peace inside of your heart. The next time someone does something to you stop and ask yourself “would I accuse myself of this”? Then choose always to give the gift of true forgiveness in light of unity consciousness.

Steps to giving the Gift
1. Get up and begin your day with a simple prayer of “Help me Lord”. You need a guide on this journey of spiritual recovery. Don’t kid yourself. True forgiveness requires a Higher Power at work in your life.

2. Think of everyone that you have shut out of your heart and see your face in place of theirs and know that these people are disguised as your many other selves crying out for love and acceptance. Realize that you can set yourself free through the gift of true forgiveness. Say to yourself - I will not cast the first stone, as I see the sins of humanity are also in me. I look inside first with compassion and uproot my own guilt.

3. Be grateful to these people for showing you all the unhealed guilt trapped within your consciousness. Identify what it is the person is showing you about yourself. Know that they are animating a part of you that you’re not seeing. Name the so called sin/mistake so that you can uproot it from your own consciousness.

4. Know that every conceivable sin/mistake ever committed lies as a potential crime in all of us as we are both energy and matter.

5. See your brother or sister as yourself because your brother IS yourself and then practice being very grateful to each and everyone who has caused you to be uncomfortable for they have been sent by God to help you see yourself and the guilt you hold. Say to yourself – “Thank you for showing me my own guilt. I didn’t see it before you came along. Now I can forgive myself and you too because you have helped save me from myself” Claim that the resurrection power is in you!

End the day with a prayer that lets God know that you are grateful for absolutely everyone and everything in your life!

It is my prayer that you choose to make February 7th the first day of the rest of your life by setting your heart spirit free in the name of true forgiveness. Please help us to spread the good word that February 7th has been declared as TRUE FORGIVENESS DAY to one and all.

In the light of peace on earth
with love always,



cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Nice one.
Thanks for sharing!
God bless u!

Dan said...

Hi, found your site because you posted a poem (Playing God) by Glenn Colquhoun. I like the Forgiveness Day idea, haven't heard of it in Australia
best, Dan