Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 28

On Saturday 28-03-2009, John and I supported the Earth Hour by joining in the Walk Of Hope initiated by WWF M'sia at Capsquare.
Well, for so long WWF M'sia has remained very quiet and inactive and I think this Earth Hour campaign is a good start..to create awareness on the need to conserve energy to save our earth..to save energy, making the country a better and less polluted place to live and work in. Although there was a good turnout for the event, the organizers failed to deliver the objective (if there's one). If the objective is to educate or raise public awareness about the need to combat global warming and saving energy etc. I could not find a single recycled leaflet being handed out with information on recycling or the like. The entire evening turned out to be more like a mini concert with celebrities and some TV personalities making their appearances and promoting themselves. And the Walk Of Hope which was supposed to be the highlight for the event was delayed an hour and half later and reduced to only a mere 300 metres walk!! It was a disappointment!
However, most of the lights were out from 8.30pm - 9.30pm.

As an individual, I believe I have and will always play my part in the little corner of my world to minimise usage of all unnecessary electricity whenever possible. As author Anne Jones puts it so appropriately, "we need darkness to allow us to see and appreciate the light. There is darkness in our world to let us value light. The force of light is stronger than darkness. When we switch on a light darkness will always, always disappear."
Therefore, we must make an effort to embrace this endeavour to use energy conservatively and efficiently, not only for that earth hour but everyday for a greener and sustainable lifestyle.
To many, the earth hour is the first step taken to fight against climate change and it is certainly a good move.

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