Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weeks of sorts

It has been a series of seriously depressing weeks.
The first thing I pick up to read every morning is a newspaper which is nowadays filled with nothing positive. From nude photos, sex tapes, police brutality, still on the Perak situation, RPK & ISA appeals, MBs suing each other over cows & cars...the list goes on. It's a rather sorry state of affairs and no one seems to be accountable for it. It would be tough to stay positive for the rest of the day.

On the personal front, I've just recovered from a fall and blamed it on my own clumsiness and carelessness. At 7 that morning, I laced up my running shoes and headed out to run. Everything seemed pretty normal except my running route (for that particular Saturday). My legs just took over slightly about 300 metres and before I knew what was happening...I was on the ground and flat on my face!! My nose was bleeding and badly bruised, so were both my knees and hands. Well, things like that happen to me sometimes and some folks even thought that I encountered a cycling accident cos' it looked like one. However, except for my scarred nose and knees, I'm glad I'm still in one piece and functioning.

Next - 10 days ago, John had a minor operation which the doctor (and the MRI show) interpreted as a foci of fat necrosis but turned out to be venous haemongioma below his tummy. Not serious but the operation would have been slightly different if the surgeon knew beforehand that it was a venous haemongioma. Poor John, he rested for a week and still recovering.
I guess the experience of any illness is often humbling, reminding us of human frailty. It demands us that we slow down and mind what is important in life. And then we'll bounce back again!

Viva life!

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