Sunday, May 1, 2011

Learning from an 'A' student

I have been busy and I'm loving it!

John and I have spent our time doing many things and shared many life's experiences together, but we have never studied and went to school together.
For the past months, my weekends had been occupied with attending Korean classes.
Taking Korean lessons created an opportunity for me to learn from John and about John academically.

Well, I heard he was an 'A' student but to what extend I never really knew until recently.
When we signed up for Korean lessons, all I wanted was only to be able to converse and understand. I flipped when I realized that we have to learn to write and sit for the exam!! I hate exams! What more, this time round I had to sit in the exam alongside with a husband who was an 'A' student.
Anyway, however much I hated the exam part, I enjoyed the process leading to the exam eg. having the opportunity to go to school with John, doing revision together and we even took the public bus/LRT to school just to get the 'feel of a student life' all over again!

From John, I've learned all about discipline, diligence and what it takes to be the 'A' student he so deserves. He made sure that he sets aside time to revise his homework every night which means giving up his favourite TV programmes. He wasted no time and always able to find time to study in between lunch or while waiting for his clients. I am exactly the opposite of him...while John was revising his homework, I slept most times!

Lately, we received our exam results and without a doubt, John came up Top student in the class! He is every inch an 'A' student and I'm so proud of him. As for me, fortunately, I did fairly well too and I owe it to his guidance.

"The wise man should be generous in imparting his knowledge to others; for knowledge is not lessened by giving." - Solomon Ibn Gabirol


cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Hello married & running students!
You two really know how to enjoy life. That's great!

The Runner, Dreamer, Observer, Seeker said...

Enjoyed the classes but not the exam. I still wish we can study without having to go through exams!!