Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's been a week already and I've somewhat settled down...

On Thursday, with 12 patients and 8 volunteers (4 of our regulars went on holiday) reporting at the Day Care, we managed to keep the day running fairly well.

As usual, Lyla checked in early to help clean up and prepare breakfast before leaving for her class and then, she was back again at 2pm after class. This is a true example of commitment which is much appreciated by all.

Most volunteers who were present made an effort to stay the whole day or almost, helping out in whatever ways possible. I’m also thankful that Dr. Gan actually stayed with us until the Day Care ‘close shop’. He assisted us in handling a difficult patient Mr. Cheeng with the massage etc.

At this point of writing, I still feel very blessed that helping hands were there without having even to ask….and then, food was given without having to seek. We had a variety of cakes for tea yesterday which took us a little by surprise. And it’s all from the generosity of these kind souls…
Irene Hoe (patient) brought in pineapple tarts and cookies.
Goh Wan Lit (patient) made an organic banana cake.
And another cake baked by Dr. Tuen
Dorothy (an ex-patient’s wife) made chocolate brownies for us, delivered via Eleanor.
Of course, Helen’s poppyseed cake was a hit. Helen has been contributing food for breakfast or tea every week which we all are so thankful for.

The surprise came when Goh Wan Lit’s friend Ah Lan, came with Tau Foo Fah and soyabean milk which she made for us. She even offered to send us tau foo fah and soyabean on a regular basis if we want. I was so touched by her kind gesture. This refreshment is also a welcome change from our usual ’tong sui’.

We had 2 tables of patients/volunteers playing Rami O yesterday. Gomathi being a little adventurous played ‘congkak’ with Siti Jahariah and Ramah as they were sitting alone and not keen to use the Quiet Room.
Unfortunately for Ramah, although her spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. Although she made efforts to pick up the dices/seeds, her attempts failed. The reason for her enthusiasm? She said congkak used to be her childhood game. Perhaps, it sparkled off some good memories for her too.
As usual, everyone participated in Bingo except for Kok Moi who was feeling very tired yesterday. Our guest/tau foo fah supplier, Ah Lan played on her behalf and struck a bingo!

For me, it was a busy day with some lessons for take home to reflect as well. It feels good just to know that we do have people kind enough to support us in various ways and I must thank each and every one of them.

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