Monday, September 27, 2010

A worthy comeback

9 months ago I was lamenting over the physical pain of my back that had gone crooked! 9 months ago I was coping with the psychic pain of not being able to run. Although I know I should give my body a chance to rest and shouldn't rush its healing process, it was tough.
After all the time, energy and miles invested to get into an optimum fitness level, it was difficult to just give up an activity which has been a large part of me for so many years. Then there is always the fear of losing my stamina and my sanity as quickly as I stop running. Therefore, in between times, I walked so that I don't fall into that lazy mode.
For an active person like me, my patience had surely been tried and tested...argh!! However, after 8 months of rest, it is equally important to know how to come back slowly. When I started, I trained with care...taking it slowly on flat roads, avoiding hills and ran the Hatyai Nature Run in August. I started participating in local races just about 2 weeks ago; the Chin Woo 5km Walk and Newton 25km Run where I ran the 12km distance.
As I wasn't quite ready for both events, I adjusted my expectations and took it easy in order not to get frustrated. I didn't get frustrated - instead, I was elated with my feat. I emerged Champion in both the said events, much to the surprise of many and my own!
Perhaps I was just lucky but my results were not bad at all. I managed 30mins for the 5km Walk and 68mins for Newton 12km Run where there were at least 3 to 4 hills to tackle. To be able to taste victory once more when I least expected it, feel just too good to be true.

Now I think the time taken off to rest has given me an opportunity to get to know my body and get it a chance to rest and heal. Perhaps, my body is also thanking me too.
The lesson? Rest is actually good for me. Yup, these 2 trophies had proven to me that the body has the capability to bounce back to form, if I allow her the rest she deserves. It will also serve as a reminder for me to race wisely from now on.


cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...


What you did (a lot of rest!) showed clearly that you came back from your injuries stronger and faster.

Everyone must learn from's running smart!

The Runner, Dreamer, Observer, Seeker said...

Yeah, Tomato! I was trying to advise Shih Ming last Sunday - to treat her knees and rest them. But she won't listen or believe. Sigh!