Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Poem : Playing God?

If you play God, play God at tennis,
A strict code of conduct is expected.
Clear lines must be drawn in the sand.
The ball will be either in or out.
At times there is talk of love.

If you play God, play God at chess,
All decisions must be black or white.
They are ways for Him to be kept in check.
Bishops are available for consultation.
There is the possibility of mating.

If you play God, play God at cards,
There is a clear opportunity for cheating.
You might deal from the bottom of the pack.
Aces can be hidden up your sleeve.
The joker should be specially marked.

If you play God, play God at darts,
He will dislike their resemblence to nails.
An acceptable target must be provided.
There is a fine line he will not be permitted to cross,
Cursing should never be allowed.

If you play God, play God at monopoly,
Everyone is expected to take turns.
He must sit at a table like everyone else.
You might refuse him a room at your inn.
He is certain to be feeling overconfident.

This poem is taken from the book 'Playing God' by Glenn Colquhoun. He is a doctor and his revealing poems are mainly conversations between his doubt and his indoubted love for his work. He feels like a fraud, he knows he can not fix everything. He said he is a human being with a little bit of science and a lot of doubts. Yet he is admired for his honest voice, dry sense of humour and a quiet instinct for tapping deep emotions.

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