Friday, November 6, 2009

Remembering Robert

I remember today...5 years ago.
The late Mr.Robert Kot was my ex-Managing Director of the Estee Lauder Companies where I used to work for the past 20 years. I remember he used to 'pick' on me and how I detested him yet deep inside, I treasured it. My General Manager used to tell me that "Robert only picks on people he likes, so you should feel damn fortunate!" Indeed I do, because all those 'pickings' had ultimately taught me so much more than I'd ever imagined. Many times, whenever I think of him...I missed him.

Today, I happened to clear some files and stumbled upon a hilarious poem that I presented to him on his 10th anniversary with the company. And memories of Robert came surging back as though it was only yesteryear and so alive!

He came from a trading background, we were told,
Into this company where cosmetics are sold...
To keep women from getting old.

10 years ago..
He entered into the world of the beautiful and the bold,
With Clinique the silver and Estee Lauder the gold,
Sales just grow and grow!
This is what we hope the future will continue to hold.

Our Managing Director, Mr Robert Kot.
A fortune-teller he is not,
Yet his forecast always seems on the dot.
Although he has ideas of all sorts,
We often hear him said, "I should be your last resort!"

When it comes to sport,
He enjoys bowling and golf.
Play with him and you'll be caught!
Of women, he is surrounded by a lot,
But only one he managed to tie the knot!

We sometimes called him,"Papa, Ah Sook or Ah Yeh"!
He looks serious but he actually cares.
Yet to make him angry, we never dare.

Every month we all dread...
When Marketing Meeting is near.
The answer are ready, so what have we to fear?
Like, "Sorry Robert, but the market is really quiet out there!"
Then try to act stupid and gave him that blank stare!

Then beware..when Robert stalks around!
Looking for boxes on the ground.
A penalty on every box to be found..
Pay to the Sports Club, you are bound.
Oh, what a Boss we have around,
Takes your money even when your every cents count!

If Robert ever were to go crazy,
It definitely will be very likely..
To be due to his friends, Fred and Barney.
Also known as Ling-ling and Allan Chee,
The three stooges go hand in hand,
Their laughter never end.
From jokes they made amongst themselves,
Only they can understand and no one else!

Have you heard what we heard?
That Robert when young likes to flirt..
So, Annie can not be his first!
Anyway he married her with a cert.
Come on, let's just pass the word..

Such was one of the scenes in our office,
Everybody just gossip as they pleased.
Then, a knowing twinkle appears..
Thank goodness and three cheers!
For our undeceived MD understands,
That gossiping in Lambang Padu is impossible to withstand!

Often in his life, we bring him glee.
We are all very thoughtful, so he'll see.
Like a zoo, we sometimes may sound,
So that he knows we are around.

No other company can he find like ours,
Women who are unique in our powers.
We maybe infuriating or irritating,
But never sneering and always forgiving.

The moments that we hold dear,
Is when our Boss is very clear.
To him, we are family and peers,
That he has shown in the last 10 years..

As the Brands all increase in quantity,
Surely his meassage for us would be..
That we all stay in unity,
As one big family!

"Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime;
And departing leave behind us..
Footprints on the sands of time." - HW Longfellow


exile of choice said...

I never see same thing like this blog. And your profile is prefect!
Run seeking challenge Lovely !!!!!

Jennifer Kot said...

This is such a lovely remembrance. I am sure everyone who knew Robert would miss him a lot too. I do miss him a lot too and wishing that he would be able to see what is happening to all of us from above. u By the way you have an excellent blog !!!

The Runner, Dreamer, Observer, Seeker said...

exile of choice & jennifer,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Jen, do you happen to be Robert's niece?