Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Restlessness of the soul

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I've been physically suffering with pain for more than a month now. Body aches, migraine attacks, sinus infection, menstrual cramps and allergies were whacking my entire being all at almost the same time! No joke, some days the pain could be quite unbearable and was unremitting like the relentless bombardment of an abssessed tooth. I supposed as we age our body goes through a gamut of changes and these could be the sympthoms.

Then there's what was told to me, the perimenopausal stage or midlife crisis where the body temperature ascend without any apparent reason, creating bouts of hot flashes! Yes, at times I felt as if I'm on fire and yet my internal body temperature didn't change. I guess what heated up was just the temperature of my skin! As the name implies, natural menopause starts without my intervention; that's why it's sometimes called "spontaneous". But does every woman pass through the same menopause milestones?
My monthly cycle have certainly gone haywire, with twice a month and then missing the next but the following month came heavy flow, lasting for days. Then the cramps of my youth returned to attack me with a vengenance! I try every effort I could to avoid painkillers. After all, I'm allergy to NSAID.

Another issue is my blood pressure that became increasingly erratic. It went 155/103 one morning and 103/64 the next, and 166/83 another day.
Being an active person and one with a high threshold for pain, it is sometimes difficult to determine if this pain and hypertension my body is going through is normal and just part of the 'menopause package' or something else.

Within a week, I've consulted a GP and an ENT Specialist, and went through a series of medical checks : endoscopy, scan, chest x-ray, blood test and dozes of antibiotics that left me in a rather alpha state now. It didn't work well for me (the medication) cos' I woke up this morning with another full-blown migraine! But thought this was good enough to make me ponder, "Do I really need to go through this agony in order to understand the pains patients at Hospis are going through?" "Is Nature trying to mirror back something to me?"

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