Monday, April 14, 2008

Running in the rain

When I woke up at 4am this morning, there was a heavy downpour - waited until 6am, it got heavier. Is this a sign telling me to rest and get back to bed? Well, John & I decided that we should just go out anyway. I rang Francis and Gary and was told that it was drizzling at Bukit Aman. Ha, a drizzle means nothing to a runner.
John and I decided that we should just run Double Hills and not any further. We were thankful to just be able to run in this drizzle. The rest of the die-hard runners had left, some went for the Orange Run at The Curve today. John had to adjust to my pace in order to run alongside with me. We had a good run..enjoying each other's company, sharing some of my stories from yesterday's seminar. The temperature was 22 degree C so the air was cool and wet. The atmosphere was quiet and peaceful, I guessed everyone else must still be asleep and it was like the whole of KL had stood still for awhile. We could even hear the birds chirp and smell the scent from fresh flowers, trees and plants as we were plodding up Kenny Hills. In between, I took time to think of all that I've accomplished and learnt from the last week. There are certainly many areas in my life where I have not healed and need to improve and work on.
After a good run, I thought I was being 'refreshed' but oh no, I accidentally entered the wrong car. There was another X-Trail with a guy seated at the driver's and I thought it was John inside. When I realized it was some else in there, I apologized immediately and walked back to our own car, embarassed. I must be hungry!!
We met with the rest for breakfast at Yut Kee.

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