Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some glamorous job titles...

It's been a week since I started working. I hope I won't end up in the rat-race again. I don't know. I only hope.
I think I'll probably not talk about my new job until I'm more settled. It is not very different from what I've been doing. Just different products, different boss, different people and different working environment and it's all a matter of adjusting myself. One of my new collegues here happened to be an old staff of mine...15 years ago! It is indeed such a small world!
My first week at work was a breeze. The team is few and new, and there are still some recruits reporting in next week and some next month. Therefore, getting to know one other is easy. The other day, my boss was about to print my name card and she asked me what title would I like to put in my card??? Ha! how funny...My previous boss actually asked me the same thing before!
I am a very practical person and am least concern with a job title. I am more concern about my job scope or the pay package.
Later I learnt that your job defines you as much as your gender and upbringing do. I was told that it gives an insight to your level of education and lifestyle. In other words, having a glamorous job title actually carries more weight especially when you have to deal with people of higher ranks later. Not true.
Hence, a janitor can also be called as a "Custodial Engineer". A man who fixes toilets can be known as "Latrine Specialist" instead of a plumber. Housewives are now famously known as "Ministers of Home Affairs", while "Eco-warrior" is a perfect job title for the gardener or environmentalist. An "Apparel Expert" is also totally acceptable for a tailor. Well, I've also came across a nurse who named herself as a "Helping Angel" and the physician, a "Facilitator of Hope". Some nutritionists even have "Wellness Master" on their name cards while financial planners are calling themselves "Wealth Analyst". Now even an encofineer is calling himself the "Director of Solemn Ceremonies"!
Whatever that be...
I told my boss that I will humbly adhere to the unglamorous and straight forward "Sales Manager". But it is "Retail Operating Manager" that she suggested for me. Well, please don't ask me exactly what I operate...

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