Friday, August 21, 2009

Soli Deo Gloria

Soli Deo Gloria is an Italian word which means everything is done for the glory of God. It was the theme of Ms. Moey's birthday; celebrating her 60 years of joyous living begining of this month. One couldn't find another better theme that fits her so well. For Ms. Moey is certainly such person.

Her birthday celebration was held at Equatorial Hotel with family, relatives, close friends, church members and a few students which made up to a hundred people. John and I felt privileged that we were in her guests list. I am extremely extremely fortunate that our paths crossed. She has been my teacher, my friend.
I heard so much about Ms. Moey during my primary school days from my neighbours who were all taught by her. I finally met her in Form 1 where she taught me Bible Knowledge. My God, how she made us all memorized the Book of Luke and The Acts of the Apostles!! Yet she made it so easy, for I began to understand that she wasn't teaching a religion, she was actually teaching me principles of life. Ms. Moey always emphatized, "to teach is to serve, to teach is to touch lives forever, to teach is to touch eternity". And she has certainly lived by those words.
Therefore, how can I thank someone who has taken me 'from crayons to perfume'? I just can not thank her enough.
I recalled when I first step foot into the cooperate world, my company sent me to Kuantan for a sales conference. Although it was only a brief domestic flight, it was my first time boarding a plane. I was excited and rang Ms. Moey. The first thing she asked me was, "How are you going to the airport?" I told her that I'll just call a taxi. Without a second thought she proposed, "Come and stay with me the night before. I'll send you to the airport. It's too early for you to get a cab."
Can anyone imagine this? Yes, I did stay with her. She did send me to the airport. Then my colleagues all thought she was my aunt or sister. When I introduced Ms. Moey to them as my teacher, they all confirmed that I was very lucky to have such a teacher. She also took me from the airport when I returned from Kuantan. From that very day, everytime I take an early flight, my heart is always filled with gratitude and never cease to give thanks to a teacher who has demonstrated to me how easy it is to be humble, how simple it is to be kind. Indeed I am so blessed to have been touched by her.

To me, Ms. Moey has created an infinite influence in just one lifetime. The way she lives her life actually influence me to want to do the right thing - without even realising it. I believe this is certainly the most profound and indelible mark a teacher can leave on a student. And that influence ripples on...

Ms. Moey has always a special place in my heart right from the begining because she didn't just teach me, she inspires me, she has touched my life!

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