Saturday, April 18, 2009


The little things in life have a strange but often pleasant way of reminding us of the big things. Sometimes a brief moment is all that is needed to shift our focus and align us back on course. Yet many times, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
Few days ago I received this from a friend via e-mail, hear this if you haven't:

Easy to occupy a place in the telephone directory
Difficult to occupy the heart of somebody

Easy to judge the errors of others
Difficult to recognize our own errors

Easy to hurt those whom we love
Difficult to heal those wounds

Easy to forgive others
Difficult to ask for forgiveness

Easy to exhibit victory
Difficult to assume defeat with dignity

Easy to dream every night
Difficult to fight for a dream

Easy to pray every night
Difficult to find God in the smallest of things

Easy to say we love
Difficult to demonstrate it everyday

Easy to criticize everybody
Difficult to better ourselves

Easy to think of improving
Difficult to stop thinking and really do it

Easy to receive
Difficult to give

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Lew said...

How true! It is harder to "do" something, than to talk about doing it. Interesting posts on the walk to Maran. Quite a journey, both for the feet and the spirit!