Sunday, September 21, 2008

Road to recovery

I am supposed to write this earlier than today but as usual, once I got caught up with other issues of the everyday life - I became lethargy and to be honest, lazy. It was a chill out Sunday afternoon for me and I appreciate just being able to laze around doing nothing. Then my guilty soul beckoned me to write something...

It's been 3 weeks since John's crash. Slowly but surely, he is recovering. He is currently seeking TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment for the injury on his left rib and perhaps some clot blood that might've been stagnanted somewhere. Sometimes the after effect of a fall may not be immediate and can only be felt after a few days. Another cyclist, Lisar also experienced pain on her chest, ear and back 3 days after her crash. In fact, she lost her memory for a few minutes that very instant but managed to regain her consciousness and equilibrium rather quickly.

Anyways, they are both back to running on the roads again! John and I tackled the Double Hill and Carcosa yesterday, and this morning, we made it to Hartamas and back, giving us a total mileage of 35km. I believe he is still quite, no worries.

By the way, the air is so cool and breezy right now that I just couldn't wait for dinner to happen cos' it's gonna be Steam Boat at Mother Teresa's house. How appropriate!

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