Sunday, July 20, 2008

Behind that finishing line...

Days of being busy...
I had been busy lately. Busy because June was the month when my final project with a Brand that I've been working with expired. Because it was my last project - I was determined to set a record for it in terms of sales.
"You are as good as your last project!" my late MD Robert used to tell me. In my area of work, performance counts and not only had I over achieved the target - I did set a new record. But at the end of it all, only to find out that I was doing a thankless job!! Well, things like that happened sometimes (sigh!). So instead of feeling jubilant over my 4 months stint - I was upset.
Now that I had so-called recovered from it, it's time to pause and think about what I do. Perhaps it's also time to get off the time machine and catch my breath. I want to reflect on what my life is all about so that I can decide what my life should be all about. BUT I always find myself stuck in the time machine again. My days keep passing and rolling. Whether it gathers moss or momentum, it just keeps rolling. Everything is revolving around as a vortex and I get stucked into it without realising or comprehending anything.
Somehow there is always a reason not to stop. There is always a seemingly legitimate reason not to reflect and ponder.

Of being patient and understanding...
Then last week, I made a last minute decision to 'let go' of my selfish self to accompany John to Ipoh. He was to participate in his maiden 160km Century Ride. Initially, I wasn't keen with this idea of following him as I would be wasting my time. I shuddered at the thought of waiting for him to complete his ride in 6hrs or more! "I would be able to accomplish many tasks myself.." That was the selfish side of me speaking.
Eventually, I made up my mind to go with his wife, supporter and chauffeur. Once that decision was made, I was clear and focus on my objective and my presence there.
On race day, while waiting for John's arrival at the finishing line, brought me to mind that John was always the one who waited and supported me at the finishing. He would just wait patiently for me, rain or shine and with no complaints. I recalled during my 24hr walk event, he was there to cheer and motivate me. I looked around and I didn't see any other husbands doing this for their wives and I feel really fortunate blessed for having him as my husband and soulmate.
At that moment, I felt ashamed of myself when I realized that after so many years, this is the 1st time I ever waited for my husband and cheered him at the finishing line. John was surprised to see me there, greeting him. He didn't expect that for he knew his wife never had the patience. I felt proud that I gave him that pleasant surprise.
Overall, it was a weekend well-spent. I was glad I came and played my part even though I didn't participate in the event. Had I stayed back at home - I would never have learnt - I would never have felt - I would never have understood...
behind that finishing line.

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John said...

Dear wife,

You surprised me when you waited so long for my arrival. Even if you were not there, I know you'd always be supportive in whatever I do. For that, I would like to dedicate this maiden ride especially to you.