Sunday, June 8, 2008

Silence is rest - Rest is silence

This morning, I lay pinned to the bed listening to the rhythm of the heavy rain outside. I peered at the clock - 4.10am. In a little over 2 hours, I was supposed to meet my running mates at Bukit Aman for our usual Sunday morning run. What prospect could be more edifying?
Realistically, I knew we'll probably gonna miss the run as the downpour looked like it's never gonna stop...and this notion always filled me with guilt and self-loathing. Don't ask me why.
But perhaps, nature itself is trying to tell me that I need to rest. Yes, tell me about it..I have been resting for the last couple of days. I had been bitten by the flu bug that left me sneezing non-stop every morning without fail for 2 weeks! Antihistamines made me drowsy, swollen eyes and ultimately did not seem to work anymore. I resorted to herbs and after the first dosage, I lost my voice! Ha. It was then I realized that silence is rest - rest is silence. My cell-phone was put into silent mode too as I was not able to answer calls. Knowing that I was speechless, my naughty husband took every opportunity to tease me but it made me happy! Happy because I suddenly felt like a child again; I couldn't talk - I don't need to talk - I just watched and observed.
I continued with the chinese herbs, got better and regained my voice after 2 days. I stop sneezing in the mornings but I began sneezing in the evenings now. My God! My body system and immunity have gone so low (just as stated by my physician). Even a brief trip to Pasar Malam last night left me with another round of running nose, watery eyes and itchy ears...what else? sigh!
Bad weather matters little to me but would I dare to go out and drench myself in the rain today? Later, Gary texted me suggesting that I go back to bed as the rain ain't gonna stop. I did for awhile, then being awakened by Francis who has cancelled his trekking trip to Gunung Nuang. As his wife is away in Singapore, John and I invited him to join us for breakfast.
The rest of the day was rather uneventful as John is also suffering from a slight fracture on his rib. We cried over a meaningful Korean movie at home in the afternoon.
We rested.

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Lew said...

Thanks for your comments on my storm photo. You must ahve some awesome rain there! Hope you are well and running in sunshime soon.